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superbike motorbike motor
bike bike sbk moto gp Up
Shift UpShift gear shift
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up shift upshift

мотор супербайк супер
байк мото джи пи
мотоджипи мото джипи
ъпшифт ъп шифт ъп
шифтър ъпшифтър
шифтер ъпшифтер ъп
шифтер мотоциклет
продава купя продават
предавки прадавка
скорост скорости нагоре
When riding a superbike you have to switch from one gear to higher upon reaching optimal revolutions for this speed.
To do that you have return the throttle, squeeze the clutch and then accelerate via using the throttle again. During all
these actions vital seconds are lost which can cost the race and be the difference between classifying/winning or
loosing the race.
Even the slightest movement of the throttle affects rev’s and speed which in return is being first or second or may be
drop off from next race.
With Up Shift you can shift gears up one after the other without any interference or time loss , keep throttle as it is or
while you are accelerating no clutch needed.
This is possible thanks to split second spark plug operation delay at which time gears are available to move/shift up
(torque freeze).
Up shift saves you time and extends the life span of any friction parts as clutch and gear box , makes ride and shifting
gears a pleasure while keeping the exhaust sound to peak levels regardless whether you are racing or just going thru
town. Along with that comes simple installation, continues maintenance free operation of the Up Shift, no need to buy
additional expensive equipment which makes the product favorite for those with passion for superbikes.
Our new product will impress you with great price , 2 year manufacturer guarantee , fast delivery of the
product , fast and hassle free installation and adjustment , guaranteed saving of vital seconds during the gear
exchange at any turn or strait stretch or in day to day riding ,the smooth and the same time spectacular way
Up Shift is working for you.
Change gears in an instant (in a flash) no clutch required!
If you dont see animation under this line - download and install FLASH PLAYER from /for ANDROID from HERE/
You will experience the fastest and the smoothest up gear shift ever !
Now our newer version even has a Android app for minor corrections /adjustment to individual rider , to use this
all you need to  do is:
Turn the key on the bike and make sure is on contact, start the app on your tablet or phone this will link with Up
Shift, make any corrections considered necessary and save. Yes it is that simple and can be executed in 30sec
no mechanical work involved at all !